Youth & Sport Day in Istanbul, Turkey

19 May marks Youth & Sports Day in Turkey, which is recognized as a national public holiday. We took a trip from Izmir to Istanbul to check out a few skate contests that were organized in lieu of the holiday. While we were there, we hung out with some friends, handed out flyers for this weekend’s Turkish Championships, and skated around as much as we could. Here’s a few photos from our 9 hour stay in Istanbul.


Flags. Everywhere. This was pretty common on most buildings we came across and such is the case for every Turkish public holiday from what we understand.


Went through town to get some copies made. Tons of campaign propaganda as election time is shortly approaching.


Spot hunting. As soon as we paced towards these mini hubbas we were shown the way out pretty much immediately.


First stop was the RedBull Urban Fest at Canyon Shopping Centre organized by Cino Skateparks and Redbull. Some locals were ripping and stepped it up as international rippers Maxim Kruglov (Russia) and Korahnzo McGayle (UK) were sent over to keep it live and judge the contest. Didn’t get anything of them unfortunately.


5-0 from this guy. Kanyon Shopping Centre was enforcing a strict helmet policy (super lame) in case you were wondering what was on this dude’s head. The prize money was pretty decent so the locals went with it.


Crossing to what is known as the Asian side of Istanbul to check out another event. This shot was taken on the bridge.


This poor guy stationed outside of a restaurant had eaten a few too many cheesy breads. In Turkey, stray dogs are taken care of by the government as they are neutered and vaccinated instead of put to sleep. The orange tag on his ear marks that he is a stray. Stray dogs and cats are all over the place and are mostly well taken care of by Turkish citizens.


Over to the Kalamis Park for more Youth & Sport Day festivities.


More kids enjoying them selves, and yes, flags.


These dudes were playing soccer but were put in this inflatable plastic suit thing. It was pretty entertaining to watch and definitely funny when dudes were bumping into each other and people were falling and bouncing everywhere.


More kids having fun.


On to Tuncay’s event sponsored by X4Tune Skateshop. Tuncay gets the crowd hyped.


This thing’s gotta go.


Kickflip from young dude #1.


Tuncai’s contest didn’t require helmets, however, rumor has it that this dude cracked his noggin and suffered a serious concussion a few weeks prior and the doctor recommended the safety gear. Dude #2, noseslide.


Smith from dude #3.


On to the Caferağa part of town to head towards the shop. This group is reminding voters about the founding of the secular republic.


On to X4Tune Skateshop to give out the last of our flyers before heading back to Izmir. Here’s Yigit, he holds it down at the shop. A1 selection of DLX goods seem to be regularly stocked.