Turkish Skateboarding Championships: Istanbul Regional Qualifiers Recap

The Istanbul Regional Qualifiers for the 2015 Turkish Skateboarding Championships went down on 23 May, 2015 at Eyup Skatepark in Istanbul. Several of the region’s top rippers came out for a shot at some cash and a spot in the finals the following day to compete for a trip to Kimberley, South Africa for the KDC Skateboarding World Championships this October.

After a qualifying round at a head-to-head format finals, the judges revealed Yusuf Duran to be the top skater of the day and the winner of 800TL. Yusuf skates super fast which always makes for a better viewing experience. The helmet man himself, Luca Fritz, fell short only a few points behind Yusuf. Luca put his concussion behind him and still manned up to some of the biggest skating that we saw. Ollies, 180s, and the occasional kickflip off of the deck of the mini ramp were go-to for Luca. In 3rd was Adem Usaoglu, who stood out from the beginning. Adem’s got manual to kickflip out on lock among most of the other tricks in his bag. A few other names worth mentioning are Ali Osman Enser, Ahmet Bozkus, Okan Sen, Yusuf Hacioglu, and Berkcan Kiran, all of whom qualified to skate in the finals the following day.

Thanks to everyone who helped gave us a hand with the Istanbul Regional Qualifiers: Red Bull​, Cino Skateparks, X4’tune Skateshop​, Noire Skateboards​.


1. Ali Osman Ensar (800TL)
2. Luca Fritz (450TL)
3. Adem Ustaoglu (250TL)


No shortage of shade under the mondo Redbull tent.


Our American pal Drake was cruising the course during practice. A girl got in his way. He was frustrated about how life was going for him at that moment.


Feeble from Drake.


We were joined by our emcee Tuncay yet again.


Tall noseslide from Adem.


Lots of traffic on the way to the ledge.


5-0 from Ali Osman Ensar.


Then Ali came through with the smith.


Yusuf comes through with a big’n.


5-0 from Luca Fritz.


Adem Ustaoglu, 3rd place.


Luca Fritz, 2nd place.


Ali Osman Ensar, 1st place.



Congrats, guys! See you tomorrow for the finals.