Turkish Skateboarding Championships: Antalya Regional Qualifiers Recap

The Antalya REgional Qualifiers for the 2015 Turkish Skateboarding World Championships went down on 9 May 2015 at Duden Skatepark in Antalya. Duden Skatepark is located near the beautiful Duden Waterfall which brought through lots of tourists and locals alike to check out the contest during their weekly stroll to the park.

Several of the local skaters were intimidated to enter but our emcee and OG Turkish ripper and entrepreneur Tuncai Kocal got the kids amped and knocked some life into the day. Duden Skatepark, larger in proportion that most modern skateparks and frequented by several bmxers and rollerbladers (yeah, we too thought they quit making those things in ’03), isn’t the top choice of many of the locals. However, after some of the top local skaters started getting warmed up and making good use of the park, everyone was amped to get down to business. Turkish skateboarding is still growing and we’re stoked that we were able to be a part of it for the afternoon. Expect some talented skaters coming out of Antalya in the future.

Out of all the skaters that entered, we narrowed it down to the top 8 that would go head to head for the top 3 cash prizes. The top 8 skaters that made it through qualified to skate in the finals in Istanbul on 24 May. In the end it was Sergei Bo Ivanov that won the final head to head match against Atakan Sertel and the 800TL grand prize. Sergei wasn’t scard to make full use of all the obstacles in the park and pull out some of the biggest stuff that went down throughout the day. Local rippers Atakan Sertel and Guney Kuyucak were right behind and also came out with some cash.

Big thanks to our organizers Corey Watson and Ocelot Lurgutre who helped things happen behind the scenes to kickstart the first of two regional qualifiers for the Turkish Skateboarding Championships. Thanks to Red Bull for hooking us up with some beverages and sound for the day. Big ups to Tuncay Kocal from X4Tune Skateshop who also helped to promote the event and emceed for the day and to Guney Cino from Cino Skateparks for allowing us access to the skatepark for the day. Thanks Cenk Kuli who helped judge and thanks to all the skaters of Antalya who came out to support the event, it wouldn’t have been a success without you.

The next chance to qualify for the Turkish Skateboarding Championships will be on 23 May in Istanbul in which the top 8 skaters will qualify to compete in the finals the following day in Istanbul. We’ll see you there!


1. Sergei Bo Ivanov (800TL)

2. Atakan Sertel (450TL)

3. Guney Kuyucak (250TL)


The Antalya skate scene was in the house supporting their crew. Thanks to everyone that came out!


Mehmetcan with a quick 5050 into the bank.


Thanks to our homie from Red Bull for coming out to take care of the sounds.


360 flip from Omer.


Turkish OG Tuncay Kocal keeping things moving on the mic and clueing in our judges Chinner and Cenk. Corey keeping the people up to date on the social media front.


Dogu with a feeble grind on the flatbar.


Guney with a boardslide down the double barrel.


Berkay with a fakie wallride.


Sergei steps up to a boardslide down the big rail.


Tuncay with a quick product toss courtesy of X4’Tune Skateshop before the prize giving ceremony.


This guy, stoked on his Redbull win in the raffle.


Antalya Regional Qualifiers winner Sergei Bo Ivanov presented by some of the guys that helped make the event possible- Ocelot, Cenk, Tuncay, and Corey.


Congrats to the 2015 Turkish Skateboarding Championships Antalya Regional Qualifiers winners Atakan Sertel (2nd), Sergei Bo Ivanov (1st), and Guney Kuyucak (3rd). See you guys in Istanbul!


After the contest we went to check out the Duden Waterfall, only a 5 minute walk from the skatepark.


Hanging with our new friend Joe Camel.


Hanging out with the camel and our new friend Cihan. Thanks for the good times, Antalya.