Turkish Skateboarding Championships 2016 Finals

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The 2016 Turkish Skateboarding Championships Finals went down at Kalamış Skatepark in Istanbul on 26 June, 2016 and put 16 of the country’s top skaters together for a chance at cash prizes and an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa to represent Turkey at the Skateboarding World Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup in October, courtesy of Red Bull.

The top 8 qualifying skaters in our two qualifying events within the previous week in Izmir and Istanbul moved through to compete in the finals. After a round of jam format heats, the top 8 went through to the final round in a head-to-head format jam, keeping the crowd hyped and  the skating top-notch as some heavy cash prizes and a shot at winning a trip to South Africa were on the line. In the end, 2015 Turkish Skateboarding Champion pulled through for the second year in a row, retaining his title as Turkish Skateboarding Champion and winning his second consecutive trip to South Africa. Right behind Adem in second place was Yusuf Duran, who will also be joining Adem on his South African adventure this Ocotber. Other standout skaters of the day were Ali Osman Ansar, Kadir Kiraz, Murat Can Uğur, Stefan Tiron, and Alper Çanakçı, just to name a few.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the event and for their support in growing the Turkish Skateboarding Championships! Thanks to our sponsors and partners: The Roof Skateshop, Noire Skateboards, X4Tune Skateshop, Ala Skateboards, Red Bull, and everyone else for their support and for helping make the 2016 Turkish Skateboarding Championships a success!


1. Adem Ustaoglu 
2. Yusuf Duran
3. Murat Can Uğur


RedBull brought out Russian ripper Maxim Kruglov as a guest judge for the finals and he put down a few insane one-man demos throughout the day. BS 180 nosegrind.


Warming up with a nosegrind.


Kadir pulls through with a BS lip on the box.


Showtime. Adem Ustaoglu with a go-to BS 180 nosegrind.


Full house for the finals.


Alper qualified in Izmir and made this heelflip about 100 times throughout the weekend without problems.


Ali Osman Ensar didn’t make the podium but he definitely won the “Fastest Skater In Turkey” award. Always a pleasure watching this guy charge it. Nosegrind.


Yusuf with the back T.


On to the semifinals which would determine the top 2 skaters advancing to the final round and qualifying for a trip to South Africa.


Yusuf Duran, kickflip 5050.


Kadir BS Smiths in round 1 of the finals.


Izmir first place qualifier Murat Can Uğur kickflips over the box.


Adem Ustaoglu frontside bluntsides for the win.


Our emcee Tuncay Kocal was stoked to present the 2016 Turkish Skateboarding Championships podium winners (from left to right): Murat Can Uğur (3rd), Adem Ustaoglu (1st), and Yusuf Duran (2nd).


 Tuncay and guest judge Maxim Kruglov with 1st and 2nd place winners Adem Ustaoglu and Yusuf Duran who will be headed to South Africa this October to represent Turkey at Kimberley Diamond Cup! Maxim will also be there holding in down for the Russians.

All Content: Mike Chinner

Additional video by Mert Çatal / The Roof Skateboards