Kumba Skate Plaza Program Rolls On Into 2016

Aside from the Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding World Championships that are held on a yearly basis at the Kumba Skate Plaza, World Skateboarding’s full time staff on the ground in Kimberley, South Africa are providing free skate lessons, competitions, and other activities at the world-class skatepark for the local children to enjoy in a fun and neutral environment that is free from drugs, alcohol, and gang activity that many of the local youth face on a daily basis. Going into our 4th year of providing a full time program, skateboarding has grown immensely in the area as a result and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Within less than 5 years of the Kumba Skate Plaza’s existence, Kimberley’s skate scene has grown from a core group of less than 10 skaters to hundreds of die-hard skaters, with hundreds more that are interested in getting involved. Our local skaters have since been presented travel opportunities, sponsorships, and have met several friends from around the country and even the world as a result of the Skateboarding World Championships and our full time program. 

Over the month of January, we’ve seen a huge increase in female participance, a growing interest in our weekly Skate Lesson Sundays skate clinic, and continuous motivation from our local skaters who are perpetually raising the bar for skateboarding in the area. The Kimberley kids are ripping and it’s no longer a secret. 

Check out some photos from what we’ve been up to on a weekly basis at the Kumba Skate Plaza since the turn of the new year and check out our schedule here if you’re interested to see what happens on a monthly basis.


Kimberley skater Natalie Bramley (right) lends a hand during our monthly Girls Skate Session. Natalie rips and is always down to lend a hand!


Thumbs up for girls in skateboarding! It’s great to see such a huge improvement in attendance from girls at the skatepark in recent months. 


 This awesome ‘I Love Northern Cape’ mosaic by local artist Alfred Sekunkwe is the Kumba Skate Plaza’s newest import and something cool to look at if you’re bored of watching kids skate all day.


The crew posses up for our weekly ‘Vert Fridays’ skate clinic. This particular week found us on the mini ramp. 


Thabang, Mvelo, and Enrique come up on some cool prizes for placing top 3 in the Mini Ramp Jam.


Local skater Wesley helps out during our weekly Skate Lesson Sundays clinic and demonstrates the ollie for a fellow skater. 


Erwin makes sure the shoulders are square and the feet are over the bolts. Erwin has been killing it every week behind the scenes and makes sure our monthly program is rolling smoothly, particularly Skate Lesson Sundays. 


We decided to hold a small competition for all the beginner-level skaters who haven’t quite learned tricks yet but still want to feel involved. Here a young man cruises through the trash bins during the slalom challenge. 


Shout out to all the kids who got involved in the Beginners Fun Jam! There’s something for kids of all ages and skill levels to enjoy at the Kumba Skate Plaza on a weekly basis. 


Samkelo fits in a Friday night front board down the A-Frame. 


Moeng, never shy to help the ladies, lends a hand on a Friday night. 


Jaydan Klaasen puts down a varial heelflip up the Euro gap during the Summer Skate Jam.


Samkelo and Siphiwe work on getting the skatepark dry in between nature’s interruption during the Summer Skate Jam. These guys are always down to help out!


Mvelo, Wesley, and Wadu ripped in the Beginner’s Division during the Summer Skate Jam and came up on some big cash. Congrats, gents!


The kids enjoy pizza during our Friday Night Lights event where we give back to the community by hooking up a few free slices followed by a skate session under the lights!


Empty stomachs filled: Mvelo and Thabang enjoy a slice during Friday Night Lights 


Kimberley’s first lady and 2015 South African Women’s Street Championships runner-up, 11 year old Boipelo Awuah hucks it down the 5 stair on a Friday night.


Boipelo and her brother Kwabena enjoy a moment. Siblings of shred!


South African Vert Champion Damian Bramley boosts a backside air. This kid is always killing the vert ramp.


The Skarts & Crafts activity was a great opportunity for the kids to explore their artistic abilities and express their creativity. Here the kids skim through old issues of Session Magazine and cut images to paste onto paper to create their own collage. 


 These collages were looking great and the kids had a blast putting them together!


Cousins Mohudi and MJ Seleoane put in some serious effort into their collages; these guys were the first to start and last to finish and the end result shows it.


This talented young lady took a different approach and incorporated mostly drawing into her piece and blew us away with her drawing. There’s something for everyone to do at the Kumba Skate Plaza, both on and off the board!

Photos by Mike Chinner & Erwin Lyon